• And the prettiest spot on Baylor’s campus is…

    Pat Neff Hall and Armstrong Browning Library

    What’s the prettiest spot on Baylor’s campus?

    It is … <drum roll> Pat Neff Hall!

    That’s according to an unofficial survey of the Baylor Family, conducted over the past week across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. More than 31,000 votes were cast in all as eight of Baylor’s most popular sites battled it out for the title. (See complete results below.)

    In the finals, Pat Neff edged out Armstrong Browning Library by the narrowest of margins, winning 51% of the vote. It did look for awhile like Armstrong Browning might pull off the upset, but I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised Pat Neff pulled through in the end. After all, it’s certainly Baylor’s most iconic building, and its beauty can be captured in a surprising number of ways (even in Lego form).

    Thanks to everyone who participated. If you have an idea for another bracket battle you’d like to see in the future, let us know!

    Sic ’em, Bears!


    First round:
    * Pat Neff Hall 77%, 8. Moody Garden Level 23% (7,900+ votes cast)
    * Rosenbalm Fountain 64%, Carroll Science 36% (7,300+ votes cast)
    * Old Main/Burleson 87%, Foster Campus 13% (7,600+ votes cast)
    * Armstrong Browning 94%, Tidwell Bible Building 6% (8,500+ votes cast)

    Second round:
    * Pat Neff Hall 77%, Rosenbalm Fountain 23% (5,400+ votes cast)
    * Armstrong Browning 61%, Old Main 39% (5,600+ votes cast)

    * Pat Neff Hall 51%, Armstrong Browning 49% (4,700+ votes cast)

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