• 11 ideas for the best Baylor graduation photos

    Graduation photo ideas -- balloons, pets and more

    Graduation is just around the corner, which means you’re likely to see a Baylor senior dressed up in his/her cap and gown on campus on a daily basis. That’s right — it’s grad photo session season, and we’re here to give you some great ideas to make your pictures the best ever.

    1. Get the gang together and take some group pictures.
    One of the most amazing parts of college is the lasting friendships you make. We love to see groups of friends gather to take graduation photos together, documenting their time together on our campus.

    Three female Baylor graduates together outside Pat Neff Hall

    2. Take some shots with that academic building you lived in.
    Depending on your major, chances are you spent a large majority of your time in a specific building on campus — Foster, Tidwell, the BSB… Take some pictures with that building and give yourself an ode to all the time spent earning your degree!

    A male Baylor graduate tosses his cap in the air outside the Foster Campus

    3. Go up to a parking garage rooftop for a special shot.
    Don’t get me wrong, Pat Neff and Old Main deliver some of the most beautiful graduation pictures you can fathom, but don’t forget about the unique vantage point the top of a parking garage can give!

    A female Baylor graduate looking over campus from the top of a garage

    4. Remember that Good Old Baylor Line.
    Still have your Line jersey? Break it out! Nothing says goodbye to college like looking back on your freshman year.

    A male Baylor student in his Baylor Line jersey looking out over Founders Mall

    5. Make a statement with balloons!
    A super cheap and fun way to spice up your photos? Run to the dollar store and grab some festive balloons!

    A female Baylor student on campus holding "B" and "U" balloons

    6. Let your Baylor Ring steal the show.
    Show off that ring by spring! Take a few shots focused on your new bling — a reminder of your beloved alma mater.

    A male Baylor student showing off his Baylor ring

    7. Get silly with it.
    Sure, your mom and dad will want that formal picture of you smiling to show their friends, but don’t be scared to have some fun! You’re documenting a memory and a moment in time here.

    A female Baylor graduate laughing outside Pat Neff Hall

    8. Give Waco some love.
    Commemorate your city! Take to the streets of downtown, Cameron Park, or the iconic suspension bridge for your photo shoot.

    Two female Baylor graduates on Waco's Suspension Bridge

    9. Include the one who helped you through it all.
    You know you couldn’t have done it without them.

    A female Baylor graduate poses on Founders Mall with her dog, which is also wearing a graduation cap

    10. Don’t forget the classics.
    Sitting on Pat Neff’s lap is a tradition for a reason!

    A male Baylor graduate sitting in the lap of the Judge Baylor statue

    11. Tip your hat to the season.
    Not everyone graduates in the Spring – so many of our Bears have summer and fall graduations. Incorporate the seasonal beauty of campus into your photos!

    A female Baylor student looks out over trees in pink spring bloom

    Looking for even more ideas? Check out the Baylor Graduation Pinterest board for many, many more #BaylorGrad photos!

    Sic ’em, Baylor grads!