• Baylor couples share their campus love stories

    A Baylor swing

    Baylor’s campus swings have earned their reputation for romance, and professors who tell you your future spouse may be in the room know what they’re talking about. So it’s no surprise that when Baylor asked its Facebook followers to share if and how they met they spouses at Baylor, the responses came flooding in.

    You can read the complete thread (and add your own story) here; below are just a handful of our favorite responses:

    Carol Oates Bolland, BM ’62, MM ’66: “I worked in the cafeteria in the Union, which was the only campus cafeteria for all the men’s dorms. I worked the breakfast shift and slept at the cash register checking in those with cards. Every morning one smart-mouthed, cute one always woke me up with a ‘good morning, sunshine,’ which irritated me a bit, but became more loveable as days went by. That was the beginning of a relationship that has lasted more than 60 years (54 1/2 of them married.) Loved our years on campus.”

    Gail Shelton, BA ’75, MA ’81: “My parents met at Baylor — my dad was the lab instructor in mom’s physics lab. She asked him out on ‘Corrigan Weekend.’ My in-laws met at Baylor in the marching band — he asked her out on a post-rehearsal Coke date. My husband and I met at Baylor — at the band picnic during our first semester in the marching band as freshmen. (We are on our 43rd year of married life.) His brothers both met their wives at Baylor, as did my mother’s three sisters — although I believe Aunt Joyce & Uncle Phil met at Baylor medical school, so that one may not count. We are a Baylor family!”

    Raschelle Browning Loudenslager, BA ’87: “We met in August 1987, it was our last year at Baylor. We ended up in the same PR class and became best friends. In November of that fall semester we went on our first date and the rest is history. On May 13, 1989, I became Mrs. Doug Loudenslager. We will celebrate our 30th anniversary this year. We have a son and daughter, also Baylor grads. And our son met his wife on a blind date two weeks before he graduated in December of 2014. Vivian graduated in May 2015, and she and Hayden married September 15, 2018. Baylor will always have a special place in our hearts.”

    Suzie Anderson Person, BA ’90: “I met Kirk Person in the SUB at an information table about Baylor in Thailand, where we eventually taught together and fell in love. 26 years so far! My parents, Mary Ann Anderson and Justice Anderson met in freshman speech class. They were married 63 years! My son Andrew Person met his fiancé Sarah Powers at a football game! 3 generations, 89 total years of marriage! God is good.”

    Tad McCann, BBA ’94: “Spring of 1992 in Packard physics. Made a bet on who would score highest on the final. Loser cooked dinner for the winner. (I ordered Elite fajitas).”

    Kyle Gibson, BMED ’04: “I met my wife on the first day of Welcome Week in the saxophone section of the BUGWB. That was of note because my parents met in the saxophone section of the BUGWB as well. We now have two beautiful children who love Baylor. The doc who delivered them? We met her on the first day of Welcome Week… in the saxophone section in the BUGWB.”

    Lindsey Shepherd Duke, BS ’06: “Met at a BYX party and church while going to Baylor. We graduated December 2006 and married on campus 5/2007. He proposed with a scavenger hunt around campus. We’ve been married almost 12 years and 4 beautiful babies later.”

    Shehan Jeyarajah, BA ’16: “I met Bhargavi Karumuri on the first day she moved into Baylor in August 2012. It took us a year to become friends, two years for us to date and moving across the country from each other after graduation to realize that we were in love. Six years later, last October, we got engaged back at Baylor.”

    Courtney Anderson, BSFCS ’18: “At orientation before freshman year, a group of girls and I wanted to take a picture on Judge Baylor. So we asked a random man walking by to take our picture, instead of taking our picture, he took a selfie with us in the background and handed the phone back and walked away. THAT MAN ENDED UP BEING MY HUSBAND!!!!! We met at serenade during Welcome Week a few months after orientation; a while later we found that photo and realized he was the man who took the selfie!!!! We got married after graduation and are still shook by how crazy our story is!”

    Sic ’em, Baylor couples!

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