• Is this the most BaylorProud wedding ever?

    From time to time, we’ve shown you some our favorite ways couples have incorporated their Baylor pride into their weddings.

    This one may top them all.

    Like many Baylor alumni couples, Daniel Haddad, BA ’12, and Madeline (French) Haddad, BA ’13, MS ’15, attended Baylor at the same time. (Today, Daniel is even a residence hall director at Baylor.) However, their paths never crossed until after graduation, when a friend set them up on a blind date. Fast forward to March 2018, and Daniel was ready to propose.

    Madeline had a friend who also attended Baylor, and was visiting Texas for a short time — so Daniel decided that they would have a Baylor-themed double date. He took the group to McLane Stadium, where they saw a suite full of Baylor memorabilia, then to dinner at a local Waco restaurant, then to a place not many Bears get to visit: the top of Pat Neff Hall.

    Climbing to the top of Pat Neff and getting a gorgeous aerial view of campus wasn’t the only surprise Daniel had planned. He had asked friends in Baylor Chamber (of which he was president while at Baylor) to hang a special banner down below over Founders Mall. And as Madeline looked across campus from the top of Pat Neff Hall, she made out the words on the banner: “Mads, Will you Marry Me?”

    The two got married last fall — and incorporated their love for Baylor into their wedding wherever they could! Gold Baylor cufflinks. Sailor Bear groom’s cake. Custom green and gold M&Ms. Giant foam bear paws for giant sic ’ems. Even a surprise special guest: Bruiser!

    Sic ’em, Haddads!

    [Was your wedding BaylorProud? Share your photos with us, and we might use them in a future post!]

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