• 90 years ago this fall, Baylor’s band earned its “Golden Wave” moniker

    Baylor University Golden Wave Band, in 1974

    Baylor’s marching band has been an integral part of the university for well over 100 years — but it wasn’t until 90 years ago this fall that it became the Golden Wave Band we know and love today.

    On Nov. 17, 1928 — after months of deliberation, fundraising, and even some fabric mishaps — the Baylor band debuted new uniforms at the last home football game of the season (what would be a 2-0 win over SMU). That day, a Baylor Lariat reporter wrote eloquently about the appearance — and ended up inspiring a lasting name for the group: The Golden Wave Band.

    “A golden wave will sweep across the Cotton Palace gridiron this afternoon,” wrote the unnamed reporter, “when the Baylor Band marches across to take its place in front of the Baylor rooting section, just prior to the clash between the football squads of S.M.U. and Baylor. This golden wave will be the new band uniforms, which have been one of the goals of the band since its organization this fall.”

    Baylor alumni and the Waco-Baylor Club contributed to the funds for the uniforms. The final vote for the design of the uniforms was unanimous — emerald green and new gold lapel coats and standard band caps with lots of braiding — as the band wanted to stand out during their performances, and was specifically looking for something “snappy and loud.”

    Over the last nine decades, new uniforms have come and gone — but the name has remained the same.

    Sic ’em, Baylor University Golden Wave Band!

    [Photo via the 1975 Baylor Round Up]
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