• Baylor students surprised in class with job offers from AT&T

    Baylor seniors Sarah Rost and Ashley Rich walked into their 8 a.m. business class last Friday expecting an ordinary day.

    Instead, they left with full-time job offers.

    This past summer, Rost and Rich interned in the human resources department at AT&T’s Dallas headquarters. Last Friday, their 4000-level class on human resources was interrupted by a surprise guest: AT&T’s chief human resources officer, Scott Smith, who just so happens to be a two-time Baylor grad (BBA ’89, MBA ’90).

    Smith called the two students to the front of the room, where he expressed how much he and others at AT&T valued the work they did in their internships. The students stood there smiling (but perhaps a little confused) until Smith said the words that made them literally jump for joy: “I hereby extend a full-time offer of employment with our HR organization at AT&T.”

    Sic ’em, Sarah and Ashley!

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