• 7 unexpected things you can do in Baylor’s Moody Library

    Baylor's Moody Memorial Library

    For many Baylor students, Moody Memorial Library is basically a study haven with a Starbucks. But our dear library — affectionately referred to by many students as Club Moody — has much more to offer than just couches and coffee.

    For instance — you probably never realized you could do these 7 things at Baylor’s Central Libraries:

    1. 3D print, carve, cut, engrave and solder — Nearly 24/7, you can visit the TechPoint Desk in Moody’s Garden Level. Designed to increase creative spaces for students and foster academic collaboration and innovation, the space is made possible by a partnership with downtown Waco’s Maker’s Edge. Students can check out two-week “trial memberships” for a period of unlimited access to the spaces, equipment and training offered by Maker’s Edge.

    2. Check out helpful technology — Need an iPhone cable? Projector? Laptop? The TechPoint desk is stocked with an amazing list of items students can check out free of charge.

    3. Digitize your study materials — Goodbye, old-school copies; hello, technology. Special scanners in Moody allow students to capture digital images of study materials straight onto a portable flash drive.

    4. Take advantage of next-level study space — Furniture on wheels, whiteboard walls, wireless displays, and more. The Study Commons in Moody’s Garden Level is a haven for some next-level studying. As a bonus, power outlets, USB ports and umbrellas have been added to tables in the Harvey Garden at Moody Library, so students can study outside longer.

    5. Meet for group projects — Need a space to meet for that huge group project coming up? Reserve a room in the library!

    6. Record high-quality audio and video in the Media Lab — This space is ridiculous. With audio and video booths, a virtual reality studio, and a lightboard, students can produce high-quality projects free of charge!

    7. Take care of your child — Two private rooms are available in Moody Library for new mothers working or studying on campus who need to nurse their child (or express milk for later use). Each room includes a comfortable chair, changing table, and more to support new moms.

    Also coming soon to Moody Library: A writing center! Baylor Libraries and the Department of English are partnering to bring the Writing Center to Moody in Spring 2019. [4/11/19 update: It’s now open!]

    Sic ’em, Baylor Libraries!

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