• 7 fun facts about Baylor’s First Gent, Brad Livingstone

    Brad and Linda Livingstone with "BU"

    Standing nearly 7 feet tall with a bighearted smile, you can’t miss the man who considers himself as Baylor’s president’s biggest fan. Basketball player, educator, military buff, father — Brad Livingstone is much more than just the First Gent of Baylor University; here are seven fun facts about President Livingstone’s husband:

    1. He played college basketball at Oklahoma State. It was there that, on the advice of his father, Brad set his eyes on dating a lovely young lady on the women’s basketball team named Linda.

    2. While his wife pursued a career in higher education, Brad chose to work as a high school teacher and administrator. When President Livingstone came to Waco in 1991 as a new Baylor professor, Brad joined the faculty of a local private school, Vanguard College Preparatory School. When the Livingstones returned to Waco in 2017, Vanguard just happened to have an open position for a history teacher — allowing Brad to step right back into a classroom role he loves.

    3. He is a World War II buff. During his first stint in Waco, Brad created a World War II history class that connected students with living history by bringing in members of the “Greatest Generation” to share their stories. Throughout his teaching career, he’s continually made it a point to connect students with veterans and to instill in his students a passion for learning.

    4. At 6-foot-10, he’s usually the tallest person in the room. Brad encountered some slight (but quite literal) obstacles in his family’s move to Baylor. The university’s Allbritton House — home to Baylor presidents and their families for more than 40 years — actually had to undergo renovations so that Brad could fit comfortably through the doorways. After securing some higher door frames, the Livingstones have settled into their new home quite nicely; together, they enjoy walking their “neighborhood” — the Baylor campus — when their evening schedules allow.

    5. He is both a devoted husband and a doting father. After dating in college, Brad and Linda got married following graduation; the couple will celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary this fall. The Livingstones have one daughter, Shelby, who graduated this spring from Rice University; this fall, she’ll begin graduate school there while completing her final season on the Owls volleyball team.

    6. Brad is a prayer warrior. The Livingstones spoke in depth recently with the Baylor Parents Network about the power of prayer and the important role it has played in their lives. “I know it’s a cliché, but every major decision that we’ve made, we bathed in prayer and said, ‘Okay, God, this is yours,’” he told Baylor Magazine last fall.

    7. He is the first-ever First Gentleman of Baylor University. While the events and activities he hosts may differ from the First Ladies before him, Brad is actively engaged across campus and in the community. But beyond that, he says his most important role at Baylor is being his wife’s biggest fan.

    Sic ’em, First Gent!

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