• Baylor parents join their kids as Baylor students, too, thanks to BU’s online MBA program

    Tkach family

    Paul and Debbie Tkach have really taken the term “Baylor Family” literally.

    Their son, Joey, is a junior film & digital media major who intends to also pursue his graduate degree at Baylor. Daughter Suzie is a sophomore political science major who plans to attend Baylor Law School after graduation. And the Tkachs’ youngest child, Joshua, is a high school student already making plans to join Baylor’s Class of 2024.

    But even that wasn’t enough for Paul and Debbie, who decided to join their kids as Baylor students earlier this year by enrolling in Baylor’s Online MBA program!

    “As the parents of two current undergraduate students, we are a proud Baylor family,” Debbie explains. “When choosing a program to begin, there was really no question in our minds as to where we wanted to go! We know that Baylor provides an outstanding learning experience and offers a degree that commands respect in the marketplace. Completing this degree will provide us a sense of accomplishment as well as demonstrating to our children that life is full of learning and growing opportunities.”

    The flexibility of the online MBA program allows the Tkachs to balance their full-time jobs (and parenting three kids) with the time needed to study accounting and statistics. While Debbie continues her work as AVP of instructional design at Bank of America and Paul serves as VP of information security at Citibank, the Dallas-area couple expect they will be able to graduate by December 2019.

    For Debbie, enrolling at Baylor was actually a homecoming of sorts; she attended BU as an undergraduate student, and even met Paul (who was stationed at Fort Hood) at the IHOP across the street from campus. After getting married, she eventually finished her degree at North Texas — but the online MBA program is giving her another chance at a Baylor degree, more than 20 years later!

    Sic ’em, Tkach family!

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