• Baylor students raise $10,000 in one day for Hurricane Harvey efforts

    "Change the World in a Day"

    In 2014, the philanthropy chair for Baylor’s Phi Kappa Chi fraternity sat in the office of University Chaplain Burt Burleson, trying to figure out how to raise $40,000 so his organization could build an education and dining facility for Ugandan orphans. Burleson had an idea: “You know, there are 4,000 students in Chapel. If everybody brought a 10 dollar bill in one morning, we could raise $40,000,” he said. The student looked back at Burleson and replied, “We could change the world in a day.”

    Today, there are children in Uganda benefitting from a building that Baylor Chapel students funded — and “Change the World in a Day” has become an annual Baylor Chapel event.

    Each year on “Change the World in a Day,” students raise money for a charitable cause close to the heart of Baylor and its students. During the special Chapel service, someone representing a charity speaks to the students about the work they are doing to change the world in the name of Christ. An offering is taken up to benefit the charity, allowing Chapel students an opportunity to participate in making the world a better place.

    “We belong to God, and to God’s world, too,” says Burleson. “We can’t remain focused on ourself and really be living the life that we’re called to live as believers in Jesus Christ.”

    This year, Baylor Missions representatives spoke about what they’ve been doing to serve the victims of Hurricane Harvey. During fall and winter breaks, teams of Baylor students helped clear debris and rebuild homes at 17 sites around Houston, and over spring break, two more teams are headed to Rockport and Houston to serve.

    After hearing about the work being done along the Gulf Coast (and how much more is needed), more than 900 Baylor Chapel students together gave more than $10,000 toward Harvey-related efforts.

    “Helping with Harvey relief efforts during spring break gives students the opportunity to build relationships with homeowners who have lost everything, learn their stories and help to lighten their burdens,” says Holly Tate, Baylor’s assistant director for missions. “It’s an amazing way to truly be the hands and feet of Christ and be a part of the restoration of hope and community. Students get so much more than they can give even in just a couple short days.”

    One more example of how Baylor students are shining their lights in the world.

    Sic ’em, Baylor students!

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