• Baylor freshman’s cupcakes business already into its second decade

    Emma Tarter

    It’s impressive enough to learn that a Baylor freshman is already a successful small business owner. It’s even more impressive to learn that that business is already more than a decade old!

    But that’s Emma Tarter — freshman business/marketing major, Fort Worth native, and the power behind “Emma’s Cup of Cakes” since she was just eight years old!

    Inspired by her mother (also a successful small business owner), young Emma frequently asked her mom if she could start a business of her own. At the time, Emma was struggling with fractions in school, so she and her mother looked for a business idea that would also challenge her to improve her math skills.

    After much research and deliberation, Emma decided to build off her love for sweets and sell mug cakes — single-serving cake mixes with a coordinating flavored glaze that you can make in a coffee mug in the microwave! After perfecting the recipe with help from her official taste-taster (her father), Emma’s final product was ready. Through mixing, packaging, and selling the mixes, Emma also successfully improve her math skills — setting her up for long-term success, as she excelled in AP math courses in high school.

    In addition to learning fractions, Emma’s mother also wanted to help her understand the important of finances and saving. Together, they decided that the profits from Emma’s business would go to her college fund — and for Emma, that was always her Baylor fund.

    With both parents having attended Baylor (Stephanie, BSHE ’92, and Brian, BBA ’91, MIJ ’93), Baylor was always a dream for Emma — but as a high school student, she did her due diligence, researching other colleges as well. When it came time to make a final decision, Emma asked God to show her where she was supposed to go; that same day, she received a scholarship from Baylor. Prayer answered!

    The proceeds from “Emma’s Cup of Cakes” are indeed covering a significant portion of her college tuition. She’s also been able to donate some of the profits to Stand Up to Cancer, in honor of her father, who overcame colorectal cancer in 2012. As a busy college student, Emma still sells her mug cakes at occasional events here in Waco, including Common Grounds’ Fall Market and Simply Irresistible’s Holiday Party, but she has passed on the majority of her business to her younger brothers, helping them save up for their own college fund as well.

    Sic ’em, Emma!

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