• Baylor again named a Kiplinger’s ‘Best College Value’

    Baylor students at work

    If you’re a part of the Baylor Family, you know the value of a Baylor education — but it’s always nice to hear that others, especially an authority like Kiplinger’s, recognize it as well.

    For the eighth time in the last decade, Baylor has been named a “Best College Value” by Kiplinger’s Personal Finance. Baylor moved up three spots in this year’s ranking to No. 61 on the 2018 list of private universities, which measures factors like affordability, academic quality, test scores, admission and retention rates, student-faculty ratios, and four-year graduation rates.

    While many universities may be more inexpensive, the Kiplinger’s rankings measure what students get out of their education relative to what they put in. The areas Kiplinger’s measured are all areas Baylor has focused on making even stronger in recent years. A few examples of Baylor’s commitment to the factors that helped lead to the Kiplinger’s ranking include:

    The last item, scholarships, plays a huge role in adding value to a Baylor education for many students. If you’re in position to help future Baylor students, consider giving to Baylor scholarship funds. That kind of investment from the Baylor Family is all about the students it benefits, but it’s also nice to see that no less an authority than Kiplinger’s recognizes what we all know — that Baylor students, faculty, staff and family members truly make Baylor not only a life-changing experience, but a great value to boot.

    Sic ’em, Bears!

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