• Three triplets, three personalities, one college — Baylor

    When starting their college search, one major factor for many high school students is distance from family. Your college years are about meeting new people, growing into your own person, and having your own experiences — independent of your parents and siblings. That’s all the more important when you’ve lived your entire life as a triplet, and it’s exactly what the Bascos — Casey, Thomas and Matthew — had in mind when they began their college search.

    So it was surprising to everyone — particularly the triplets, and even more so their parents — that all three selected Baylor. But as they get ready for classes to start this fall, the three freshmen are headed for three different experiences, intentionally selecting different dorms and different majors from one another. Here’s what each of them had to say about how they chose Baylor and what they look forward to experiencing:

    Casey Basco

    “I chose Baylor because I love the atmosphere and sense of community. Baylor produces such a welcoming and spirited atmosphere that it is not hard to feel at home there. When I was on the campus tour, everyone from students to professors was so helpful and kind. It was reassuring to know that Baylor had a community where I would always feel welcomed and safe.

    “I am studying social work. I have always been a person who cared for others, and someone who also wants to help in any way I can. Social work seems to be the perfect route to study something I love. I am excited to dive in and learn!”

    Thomas Bosco

    “I chose Baylor because I thought that it was the best choice overall for me. I looked and was accepted to several other universities, but Baylor stood out more than the rest. Every time I toured Baylor, I was met with a friendly attitude and people who cared about what they did, and over time I came to decide that Baylor was the right choice for me.

    “I’m going to study film and digital media. It took me a while to realize that I wanted to study that subject, but it is a perfect fit for me. I have always been interested in movies, shows and video games, and I would love to be involved in the film and media industry. After touring Baylor’s media building, I really see myself having a future in media.”

    Matthew Bosco

    “Throughout my senior year of high school, my decision swayed between different universities, including Baylor. I had briefly visited Baylor before, but with the commitment to Baylor by my siblings I really wanted to take another hard look at Baylor before I made my final decision. That second look was all it took to sway my decision. I loved the campus, the atmosphere, the students and faculty I met, the buildings — just about everything. After the visit I really had a hard choice to make. I chose Baylor!

    “I plan on studying finance. I find the business world very interesting. I can see myself having many opportunities with a degree in finance from Baylor. I’d like to make investments, travel for business, and maybe even own my own business one day. I also love the Foster building. It’s the best building on campus, in my opinion.”

    “We couldn’t be happier about all three of our children attending Baylor,” say their parents, Robert and Christy. “They applied to and were accepted to multiple universities, but we didn’t try to influence their decision of where to attend and let them decide for themselves what they believed to be the best fit them. We are happy each chose Baylor. Baylor has something for each of them and suits their different personalities.”

    Sic ’em, Basco triplets!