• Looking back at Baylor Line Camp 2017

    Baylor Line Camp 2017

    The Class of 2021 begins classes in just a week, which means the summer season at Baylor is already winding down. Before they ever took a class at Baylor, however, many of those students received a crash course in what it means to be a Bear thanks to Baylor Line Camp, that great summer tradition that spans from Waco to Independence to Colorado to Guatemala (!) to help incoming students learn about the traditions that make our university so unique, and make friends with their soon-to-be classmates.

    Line Camp has been around since 2003, so there are some well-established traditions in place — but each year and each new class puts their own unique stamp on the event. What was Line Camp like for the Class of 2021? Here are some highlights:

    * What would camp be without games to break the ice? At Line Camp, Bruiser Games require teams to work together to overcome their challenges — just a little taste of real life (and college life).

    Bruiser Games – Baylor Line Camp 2017

    Part of #Baylor Line Camp is building relationships with your fellow freshmen. That's where the "Bruiser Games" come in.Each game requires team members to work together to complete a challenge — an apt metaphor for what it takes to succeed in college (and in life). Here's a quick glance:

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    * The “milk and cookies” chant is a beloved Line Camp tradition — and one that absolutely will get stuck in your head.



    * For many students, the trip to Baylor’s original home in Independence is a highlight of the week. After a meal, a worship service and a message, students receive their Baylor Line jerseys and take a ceremonial walk through the columns.

    Baylor Line Camp in Independence – 2017

    "God has great things in store for you."A look at what incoming BU freshmen experience when #Baylor Line Camp visits Independence:

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    * Students at this year’s Line Camp got a special treat, as they shared in the Independence experience with President Linda Livingstone, who made her first trip through the columns and received her line jersey along with her husband, Brad. (Line Jersey names: “Prez” and “First Gent.”) See more Line Camp in Independence photos here.

    #Prez 🙋🐻💚💛 #Latergram #SicEm #BaylorLine #Baylor

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    This year’s camp is in the books, and this year’s line participants will soon literally be running the Baylor Line at McLane Stadium and taking their own place in the Baylor Line that extends through generations.

    Sic ’em, Baylor Line Camp 2017!

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