• #BearsOfBaylor — “Knowing what [my dad] thought of the university encouraged me…”

    “I’ve been thrown heaping amounts of Baylor paraphernalia over the last several weeks [by my] parents, relatives, friends. My dad’s an alum, and then he has a lot of friends who went to Baylor, too.”

    [Was your dad a big influence in choosing Baylor?]
    “Yeah. Knowing what he thought of the university encouraged me. I’m more excited [for college] because my expectations have been raised by people telling me about the university.”

    [What’s the thing that you’re most excited about?]
    “Probably running the field for football games, I’ll be honest. That and academics, of course.”

    [What’s the thing you’re most intimidated by?]
    “Academics. I feel like I’ll be fine, it’s just, you know, higher education. We’ll see how exactly I’m able to fit in immediately.”


    [Every Baylor Bear has a story; #BearsOfBaylor brings those stories to you, one by one. These stories, these people… This is our Baylor.]

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