• #BearsOfBaylor — “Baylor allows you to be yourself, and to grow…”

    “When I first came here, I was really shy and nervous. I’m from Chicago, so I didn’t have too many friends here. It was kind of nerve-wracking stepping on campus, but as time went on, I was more of an extrovert instead of my normal introverted self. I really believe that the students brought out a side of me that I didn’t know. Baylor allows you to be yourself, and to grow into the person that you want to be, as well. From freshman year, now to junior year, I feel like I’ve grown into a more extroverted person — somebody who’s more outspoken, more confident in what I say.

    “I’m a member of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity; I joined that my second semester here. On Fridays, we go do community service at Martin Luther King Community Service Center, for the kids. We play basketball with them and teach them a couple moves. Every Friday is really our favorite time, because at 3:00 we all know we’re meeting at the SUB and going straight to the recreation center. It’s my favorite time here, really.”


    [Every Baylor Bear has a story; #BearsOfBaylor brings those stories to you, one by one. These stories, these people… This is our Baylor.]

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