• Watch the Baylor Men’s Choir “go coconuts” — and then go viral

    If you opened Facebook at all last week, you probably saw this viral video of a men’s choir group “go coconuts” on an Emirates flight. Posted a week ago today, the video has already been viewed more than 12 million times on social media.

    That choir was none other than the Baylor University Men’s Choir.

    The video was taken after the plane had touched down from Kenya, where the 75 students had been serving on a summer mission trip. The students wanted to do something to thank the flight crew, so after the plane landed and passengers had left, they took a few minutes to perform a crowd favorite: an iconic song from the Philippines, “The Coconut Song.” An Emirates crew member recorded the performance, and the airline shared it on social media — quickly generating millions of views across Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

    And it didn’t stop there. The Baylor Men’s Choir has been featured in PEOPLE magazine, on CNN Philippines, and on news stations across Texas. Even the song’s original composer saw the video: “You wake up one day and a song you wrote nearly 30 years ago has 10M+ views on the internet in three days. Whut?!”

    Sic ’em, Baylor Men’s Choir!

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