• Why are green and gold Baylor’s official school colors?

    Baylor green and gold

    In the spring of 1897, Baylor officials tasked a committee of students with selecting the right school colors. If you know anything about Baylor, you probably know what they decided — the green and gold we still fling today. But do you know why they selected those colors to represent all things Baylor?

    Here’s how it happened: That spring, a group of Baylor students — including two members of the committee charged with choosing Baylor’s school colors — was traveling to Bryan by train to participate in a debate tournament. As is typical for spring in Texas, the trees were filling in with green and the fields were abloom. While looking out the window, student Sara Rose Kendall (BL 1902), was taken by a field filled with dandelions, and thought it made a “lovely combination.” She reported her observation back to the committee, and they agreed; shortly thereafter, green and gold made their historic debut as school colors at a Baylor Glee Club concert on March 25, 1897.

    By 1931, they were enough a part of the culture to be included in the lyrics to the school song. “We’ll fling our green and gold afar to light the ways of time,” we promise together in song as we sing “That Good Old Baylor Line” at athletic events, graduation ceremonies and other Baylor family gatherings.

    Sic ’em, and happy anniversary to the green and gold!