• Baylor launches new Continuing Ed offerings

    Sailing as continuing education

    Even after we have our diplomas in hand, we should never lose interest in learning. Have you ever wanted to brush up on a foreign language, develop a new creative skill, or even learn how to brew the perfect cup of coffee? Then classes from Baylor’s newly relaunched Continuing Education program might just be for you.

    Beginning this month, Baylor professors and community experts will teach a variety of Continuing Ed classes that are open to the public. Classes are offered in two main categories: Personal Enrichment (think foreign languages, music, personal finance, etc.) and Professional Development (business strategy, communication principles, etc.).

    Topics include Greek for beginners (taught by Truett Seminary Dean Todd Still), Spanish for beginners, dance classes, etiquette classes, a virtual book club, sailing, calligraphy, heirloom dressers, community development, civic engagement, and yes, even a class on brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

    And you don’t necessarily have to live in Waco to take advantage of these classes. Naturally, many of the courses have in-person requirements, but online classes will begin with a “virtual book club” on business strategy, management and leadership, with other virtual offerings to follow. And if, after perusing the listings, you wonder, “Why isn’t there a class about <fill in the blank>?”, you can even propose a course yourself.

    The Baylor family is full of lifelong learners, people who want to keep pushing or challenging themselves to grow. A Continuing Ed staff member overheard a Baylor math professor explain why he was signing up for an art class, with a quote that captures the curiosity so many Bears share: “There’s a whole half of my brain I haven’t used,” he said, “and now I want to try it out.”

    Sic ’em, Baylor Continuing Education!

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