• Representing Baylor, wherever they roll

    BAYLOR license plates

    Every member of Baylor Nation probably has a story about seeing a fellow Bear on the road — tipped off by a Baylor decal or flag — and catching that driver’s attention with a “Sic ’em” that is quickly returned. Some even go a little further with vanity plates to show their pride. A few of those fans are lucky enough to get “BAYLOR” as their license plate before anybody else in their state.

    One family wasn’t just the first in one state to get the “BAYLOR” license plate, but the first in three states — ensuring that motorists in the southeast know there’s a proud Baylor family in their midst.

    In North Carolina — home of the Tar Heels, Baylor’s opponent in this month’s Russell Athletic Bowl — Ben Talbert, BSEd ’80, and his wife, Nancy, MSEd ’78, sport the “BAYLOR” license plate. In neighboring Tennessee, it’s their son, John, BBA ’08. And in South Carolina, Ben’s brother, Bob, BS ’81, and his wife, Gigi, BSEd ’80, MSEd ’81, represent BAYLOR on their plate in the Palmetto State. Surrounded by fans of SEC and ACC teams, they represent Baylor every time they take the road.

    Do you or does someone you know have a “BAYLOR” plate? Baylor Magazine wants to know; send a note and a photo to magazine@baylor.edu to share where your Baylor pride and quick thinking got the Baylor name on your vehicle before anyone else.

    Sic ’em, Talbert family!

    [Texas drivers can get an official Baylor license plate — green and gold, with the interlocking BU — from MyPlates.com.]

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