• Baylor named nation’s top private school for fashion merchandising

    Baylor fashion design

    High school students dreaming of a career in the fashion business but also wanting the experience of a four-year private school can find no better spot for both than Baylor. So says a new ranking from fashion-schools.org, a website that serves as a resource for anyone interested in a degree in fashion design.

    Baylor’s fashion merchandising offerings are ranked No. 1 among all private schools and among the top 10% of all schools, public and private (12th overall). Fashion merchandising covers the business side of the industry — buying, merchandising, marketing and beyond.

    But Baylor’s fashion accolades are not limited to business. On the design side, Baylor Apparel Design and Product Development is ranked 21st in the nation (and No. 3 in the region).

    The Fashion Schools website touts Baylor students’ access to the state-of-the-art Parker Design & Technology Center, annual fashion show, field experiences, and students who have interned with some of the top names in fashion. Waco may be a long way from the fashion hub of New York City, but Baylor’s apparel programs — part of the Department of Family & Consumer Sciences — has for years quietly attracted the attention of many in the industry.

    Sic ’em, Baylor Apparel Merchandising and Apparel Design and Product Development!

    (photo via The Baylor Lariat)

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