• Diadeloso 2015: Gray skies, but warm hearts

    Diadeloso 2015

    The cloudy skies threatened showers all day, but never carried through, giving the Baylor campus a surprisingly cool and enjoyable Diadeloso 2015.

    From Zumba and a fun run (complete with paint and foam) in the morning, on through the traditional games and performances, all the way to the Nico & Vinz concert to close the night, the traditional Baylor spring holiday entertained thousands of students across campus Tuesday.

    You can see photos from the day in this wrap-up gallery; for more #BaylorDia2015 photos and videos, check out the Baylor Facebook page. Special thanks to Baylor Chamber for putting on the event; these students’ hard work often goes unnoticed, and they deserve a round of applause.

    Sic ’em, Dia participants!