• Homecoming at Baylor isn’t just about football; it’s a family reunion


    Why is Homecoming such a big deal at Baylor? Because it’s not just a visit to campus for a football game; it’s a weekend-long family reunion.

    Here’s how Kathleen Elliott, BA ’95, described it in a note to the university last fall:

    “My husband and I met at Baylor in 1992. We dated until 1999 when we were married. We have since had a son and a daughter, ages 10 and 7. This year, because we had no fall sports, we decided to purchase season football tickets. It has been so much fun to attend the games as a family, explore the campus and everything new it holds, and cheer on the Bears.

    “My kids now proclaim that they WILL attend Baylor. Not only did I meet my husband at Baylor, but I formed friendships that have lasted 20+ years. These friends are like an extended family. We attend homecoming together (with our kids — so we can ‘grow up’ a whole new generation of Bears) and have seen each other through weddings, major surgeries, family deaths, divorce, births of children, and a whole host of other life events.

    “These are the friends I turn to when I need prayer, understanding, compassion, giggles, high fives, etc. It is not a coincidence that these friendships were formed at Baylor. Baylor’s atmosphere breeds love and creates ‘families’ that last forever. Sic ’em!”

    Couldn’t have said it better.

    Sic ’em, Kathleen, and all Baylor Homecomers!

    [Kathleen, like many individuals, included a short note (which you see above) with a recent gift back to her alma mater. If her words ring true to you, consider supporting that part of the university that makes you proud to be part of the Baylor family; visit baylor.edu/give to learn more about how you can help.]

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