• Truett’s sermons archived in Baylor Digital Collections

    George W. Truett sermon recordings

    His name adorns the seminary at Baylor, and the congregation he pastored for almost half a century, First Baptist Dallas, continues to be one of the nation’s more influential churches. Long after his death, the legacy of George W. Truett, AB 1897, continues to grow — and thanks to Baylor Libraries, his message will continue to reach new audiences.

    Baylor has recently completed the process of digitizing, transcribing and archiving a collection of more than 100 sermons delivered by Truett. Gathered in part from a series of records of Truett’s sermons produced in 1966 by Word Records, the George W. Truett Sermons project is now part of Baylor’s Digital Collections, after nearly two years of work.

    The records are a treasure trove for Truett’s many admirers, and for future pastors looking to gain an insight into the historical role of preaching in the Baptist church. The collection contains more than 33 hours of content, including reaction from parishioners and occasional music at the end.

    The project represents the culmination of countless hours and dedication from Baylor Libraries staff. In addition to digitizing the records, they also transcribed them (over a quarter of a million words to type!), created metadata for search engines, and collected images and other objects for archiving.

    Sic ’em, George W. Truett, and sic ’em, Baylor Digital Libraries!

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