• Baylor Line Camp sets participation record for 8th straight year

    Baylor Line Camp in Independence, TX

    Another summer of Baylor Line Camps is nearly over, and with more than 2,000 expected participants, this year’s group of incoming students was bigger than ever. [See photos from this year’s Line Camps.]

    Of course, that’s become a regular occurrence for the program. Since the program began in 2003, attendance has grown every year but one; things really took off starting in 2007, when Line Camp moved to the Baylor campus (early camps were held at outside retreat facilities). Participation more than doubled its previous high that year, then doubled again by 2009, and this year’s camp has almost twice as many students as that one!

    [VIDEO: Students answer: Why go to Line Camp? || Are you glad you came? || What was the best part? || Line Camp 2013 recap || Journey to Independence]

    So what is Baylor Line Camp? At its core, it is an extended orientation program that invites students to experience Baylor while building relationships. Traditional Orientation takes care of the practical needs of new students, such as registering for classes and providing an overview of Baylor’s academic and social offerings in just two days.

    Line Camp goes deeper, providing students the opportunity to engage in conversation around topics such as strengths, friendship, calling and community while also introducing Baylor’s many rich traditions (including our roots in Independence, Texas, where students get their Line jerseys in a moving ceremony) over a five-day period.

    Sic ’em, Line Campers!

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