• Happy Easter, Baylor family!


    Friday and Monday are holidays for the entire Baylor campus, allowing students, faculty and staff some time off to spend with family around what is arguably the most important day in the Christian calendar: Easter. As we enjoy the time off, let’s also keep an attitude of thankfulness for what this weekend means.

    First and foremost, of course, at Easter we remember the tremendous sacrifice Jesus made for us — leaving Heaven to come to Earth as a man, where he would suffer the incredible torture of the cross and the even more incredible torture of being separated from his Father, all for our sake, so that we can spend eternity with God if we will just accept Jesus as our Savior.

    As members of the Baylor family, we are blessed to be part of a university that not only is free to celebrate Easter, but chooses to embrace that freedom in recognizing God and what He has done for us. That we get a couple of extra days off is perhaps the least of the ways that is expressed; it’s also visible in the way our professors teach, in how our community embraces and serves one another (and others), and even in our university’s approach to the gift of learning itself.

    Is Baylor perfect? Of course not. But I’m thankful this Easter weekend that we can celebrate this holiday (and all that it means) boldly and joyously as the Baylor family.

    Sic ’em, Easter people!

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