• SmartSnips app, created by Baylor students, could help end hairstyle frustrations

    SmartSnips app

    We’ve all been there — at the salon, stylist or barber shop, trying (and failing) to describe the type of haircut we want. Thanks to some Baylor students, your smartphone could end up finally providing the solution.

    SmartSnips, an app designed by Baylor students, enables users to upload pictures of themselves or celebrities (or anyone with a hairstyle they like), capture “the metrics hairstylists look for when giving a haircut,” and store information to be used at any salon or barbershop, no matter where the user may be. The result is something tangible to show a barber or stylist when the user may not be able to describe exactly what he or she wants.

    The students who designed the app said the idea came to them when their haircuts weren’t turning out the way they had hoped. Thanks in part to Baylor’s two-semester Accelerated Ventures Program, three seniors — Alex Asbill, a finance and marketing major from Bentonville, Ark., Alex Le Roux, a mechanical engineering major from Katy, Texas, and Javier Vargas, a marketing and entrepreneurship major from Houston — combined to create the free app, which can be downloaded through iTunes here.

    The trio launched the app just a couple of months ago, and they say salons are already expressing interest in using it in the future. Not bad for a group of guys who just wanted a better haircut.

    Sic ’em, Alex, Alex, and Javier!

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