• ‘Family and faith — this is Baylor.’

    Baylor students

    When people give to Baylor, they often include a short note explaining why they felt led to support the university. Some are extraordinary stories; others simply reflect the love for Baylor that grows inside many Bears. Here’s one such example, from a young grad who gave back to support student scholarships:

    “My name is Hunter Harlow, and my wife and I graduated from Baylor in 2010. We were married the summer after our graduation and moved to Lawrence, Kan., for three years of graduate school at the University of Kansas. We have since relocated back to Waco, and I am currently a PhD student in the Baylor Geology Department.

    “Leaving the Baylor community, my wife and I both realized how special and unique it was. Lawrence was a great town and KU was a great institution, but there was always something missing that was not immediately obvious to us. It was family and faith; this is Baylor. This special bond that is instilled in every Baylor student and alumnus is a reflection of the leadership and direction of Baylor University. There was never a discussion where we were going to go after Lawrence; it was always Baylor, home, even though we are not from Waco. That is why my wife and I give — to share this wonderful experience with others, and to show them a community of family and faith that will most certainly be with them for a lifetime.”

    If that doesn’t sum up what Baylor’s all about, then I don’t know what does.

    Sic ’em, Hunter!

    [To support scholarships, a particular department, athletics, or anything else at Baylor, visit baylor.edu/give.]

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