• Singspiration brings Bears together for worship at Homecoming

    Baylor Singspiration

    Quick: What are Baylor’s oldest Homecoming traditions?

    The bonfire, of course. The parade. Pigskin. Freshman Mass Meeting. And you can’t forget the football game. But did you remember Singspiration?

    For more than 60 years, Singspiration has brought the Baylor family together for worship and praise as a regular part of Homecoming. Held the Friday night of Homecoming (before the pep rally and bonfire) at Seventh & James Baptist Church, the event draws hundreds of Bears to worship as one. Featured performers each year include the BRH Choir and an Alumni Choir (open to anyone).

    This year’s Singspiration will also have a special guest in Holly Tucker, a Baylor junior who reached the final 6 on NBC’s The Voice last spring. With so many different voices leading parts of the evening, the celebration promises to provide a sampling of the many flavors of worshipping God.

    Sic ’em, Singspiration!