• David Crowder*Band alums debut first full-length album post-DC*B

    While the curtain came down last year on The David Crowder*Band after 15+ years together, that didn’t mean that the music was ending for any of the band’s members. Crowder himself has been touring a bit, and word is that a new album could come out later this year.

    Meanwhile, four other members of DC*B — Baylor alums Jeremy Bush, Mike Dodson (BA ’99), Jack Parker (BBA ’96) and Mark Waldrop — have stuck around Waco and each other, forming a new group, The Digital Age. Their first full-length album, Evening:Morning, debuts today.

    [Evening:Morning on: iTunes || Spotify || Amazon || theDigitalAgeMusic.com]

    Reviews of the album use some interesting descriptions; this is my favorite:

    “Listening to this record is like embarking on a night drive across the bleakest unknown with a dotty GPS, no Motel exit in sight and the nearest gas station a hundred miles away.   The twelve cuts symbolizes each hour of the drive as we journey together with Digital Age.  Yet, as we sojourn our way across the night we make our way towards the rising Son. We wait for Him with longings in our hearts to meet the Son looming in the horizon to greet us with his dawning resurrection power.”

    Comparisons found in the reviews are equally intriguing, as The Digital Age earns comparisons to Reliant K, Owl City, and “the coming together of Mumford and Sons, the Beatles and Switchfoot.”

    If you loved The David Crowder*Band, you owe it to yourself to check out Evening:Morning.

    Sic ’em, The Digital Age!

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