• Baylor family’s $290,000 donation will help West homeowners move forward

    Responding to West: Baylor Magazine

    When an explosion hit the city of West in April, Baylor Nation jumped into action. We’ve covered some examples here, and the new issue of Baylor Magazine rounds up even more examples of how the Baylor family helped our neighbors to the north.

    That assistance is not yet done, as just this week university officials announced that more than $290,000 raised through the Baylor West Relief Fund will be allocated to First Baptist Church West, which for weeks has been partnering with Texas Baptist Men to coordinate the demolition of up to 120 homes damaged in the blast.

    Their work is saving West homeowners between $10,000 and $15,000 each in debris removal costs that often are not fully covered by insurance. The funds provided by Baylor will help alleviate those costs for the homeowners, who instead can put that money toward rebuilding their homes and their lives.

    “The face of West is changing. Today, you can see real progress and the promise of a better tomorrow,” said Dr. John Crowder, BA ’88, DMin ’02, pastor of FBC West. “The Baylor family is playing a big role in making that happen. On behalf of the Long Term Recovery Committee, First Baptist Church of West and the City of West, I want to express our deepest gratitude for this generous gift.”

    Almost 1,800 individuals made this possible by contributing to the Baylor West Relief Fund. “I can’t thank Baylor enough and all those who gave to the West Relief Fund for this generous donation that goes directly to people in our community who need it,” said West Mayor Tommy Muska. “It’s a wonderful gesture on Baylor’s part, and we are thankful for the support.”

    Sic ’em, Bears, for your giving hearts!

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