• Road trip takes Baylor seniors back to Independence, where it all began

    Senior Road Trip to Independence

    Independence, Texas, symbolizes a lot of things to folks around Baylor. It was where the university began, back in 1845, and today is the place where many students begin their time as Bears, with a visit during Baylor Line Camp. So it’s fitting that many seniors choose to close their time at Baylor with a visit back to Independence.

    Each year, as the spring semester closes, the Baylor Alumni Network organizes a senior trip to the university’s original home, where participants enjoy dinner on the grounds, photos at sunset by the historic columns from Baylor’s old campus, and a pre-graduation ceremony set amongst our university’s rich history.

    [Click here to see more photos from the Senior Road Trip to Independence.]

    In less than two weeks, this students will be Baylor’s newest alumni. Four years ago, many received their Baylor Line jerseys in Independence. Soon, they will be a permanent part of the Baylor Line that stretches back almost 170 years.

    Sic ’em, Baylor seniors!

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