• ‘Mama Griffin’ speaking tour to raise funds for RG3 QB scholarship

    Raising RG3: A Conversation with Jackie Griffin

    We are blessed to call Robert Griffin III a Baylor Bear. It’s hard to imagine anyone better representing all that Baylor stands for, both on and off the field, particularly on a national stage.

    As a young parent, I’ve wondered what RG3’s parents did to raise such an outstanding young man. Now “Mama Griffin” is sharing her story in a series of events that also aim to raise money for the recently announced Robert Griffin III Quarterback Scholarship.

    Jackie Griffin will speak to audiences in Dallas (May 2), Houston (June 13), Nashville (Aug. 22) and Waco (Aug. 29) about raising RG3 — stories of the Redskins QB’s youth and the philosophy that guided his upbringing. Tickets are available now for the events in North Texas and Houston; ticket info and details for the other two locations will be released when available.

    [Here’s a sample of Jackie talking about her famous son to Washington, D.C.’s ABC7.]

    Proceeds from each event will benefit the RG3 Scholarship, which seeks to endow the quarterback position at Baylor (a similar approach to that taken for Duke basketball, Michigan football and other programs), thus freeing up budget funds to be used for other purposes. Thanks to the Griffins for lending their support to this effort!

    Sic ’em, RG3, Jackie, and all those who have supported the RG3 Scholarship!

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