• National survey of BU alumni finds they are, indeed, Baylor Proud

    Last fall, Baylor commissioned a national survey of its alumni to learn how BU graduates feel about their alma mater, the third in a series of regular studies. The results? Baylor alums are … well, Baylor Proud.

    Baylor alumni are proudSome of the key findings from the survey:

    • 96% of BU alumni say they are proud to be graduates of Baylor University (including the 84% who say they are “very proud”).
    • More than 9 out of 10 alumni say they are interested in maintaining a connection to Baylor and that it is important that Baylor work to stay in contact with them.
    • Almost 90% said that an alumni outreach program should be a high priority for the university.
    • Asked about the most important thing an alumni outreach program could do, far and away the most popular answer was  “communicate the good things happening at Baylor.”

    [Click here to read the full results.]

    From the beginning more than five years ago, that’s been Baylor Proud’s focus: sharing the good news about what’s going on in the Baylor community — like the Baylor family refrigerator door.

    And from what you’ve reported, it sounds like you value that. 85% of alumni said Baylor does a good or excellent job communicating with its alumni, and 78% said they receive the right amount of communications from the university.

    We do our best to help connect you with the university and to let you know that you’re an important part of the Baylor family, whether you live in Texas or Thailand. If you ever think there’s anything we could be doing better (or if you have a Point of Pride to share with us), use the submission form at top right — we’d love to hear from you.

    Sic ’em, Baylor family!

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