• Immortal 10 Memorial turns five years old

    Immortal 10Five years ago today, during Homecoming 2007, the long-awaited Immortal 10 Memorial was dedicated in the heart of campus.

    It’s been 85 years since a speeding train took the lives of 10 Baylor basketball student-athletes, coaches and fans at a crossing near Round Rock, Texas, as the team was headed to Austin for a game against Texas. First-year students still honor the memories of those who died during Freshman Mass Meeting, held each year during Homecoming week.

    The 10 who died are Jack Castellaw, Sam Dillow, Merle Dudley, L.R. “Ivey” Foster, Bob Hailey, R.L. Hannah, James Clyde “Abe” Kelly, W.E. Murray, James Walker and William Winchester.

    Kelly’s story exemplifies the Baylor student. The captain-elect of the 1927 football team, Kelly saw the train coming through the rain just before impact and pushed his roommate, Weir Washman, out the bus’ window, saving the life of his best friend at the greatest expense to himself.

    As you tour campus during Homecoming this weekend, stop by the monument and take a minute to remember the Immortal 10 and all those who have given of themselves for Baylor.

    Sic ’em, in remembrance of the Immortal 10!

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