• Baylor Stadium Founders honored for helping bring football back to campus

    It takes a lot of hands to get something as big as a stadium from idea to reality. You could credit any number of folks with playing a large part in helping bring Baylor Stadium to life, from Robert Griffin III and Art Briles to Ken Starr and Ian McCaw.

    At Homecoming, four families were honored as Baylor Stadium Founders for their transformational leadership and generous support to help make the Bears’ on-campus stadium a dream come true: the McLanes, Williams, Fosters and Robinsons.

    From the carillon bells of Pat Neff Hall, to student scholarships and the McLane Student Life Center, the generosity of the McLane Family — Drayton (BBA ’58) and Elizabeth McLane Jr., Drayton (BBA ’96) and Amy McLane III, and Denton (BBA ’99) and Amy McLane — and their support for Baylor are evident across all areas of the university. With their stadium naming-rights gift, the McLane family chose to name the new facility “Baylor Stadium.”

    A former Baylor football letterman and Law School graduate, John Eddie Williams Jr. (BBA ’76, JD ’78) attributes much of his success to lessons he learned at Baylor. Founder and managing partner of Williams Kherkher, Williams has devoted his career to advocacy on behalf of those for whom the law may be their only protection. He and his wife, Sheridan, loyally support student scholarships and gave generously to the construction of Baylor Law School.

    Paul (BBA ’79) and Alejandra Foster share a belief that our future depends on the education of our youth. They are active in providing resources and leadership to an array of initiatives designed to improve the lives of people in their community. Paul, executive chairman of Western Refining, provided funding for the Paul L. Foster Success Center. He and Alejandra continue to be strong supporters of Baylor University.

    Clifton (BBA ’63) and Betsy (BA ’71) Robinson have made enhancing the Waco community and strengthening the Baylor-Waco partnership a priority. As a successful entrepreneur, Clifton recognizes the power of education and provides generous support for student scholarships. The Robinsons were also instrumental in launching the Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative (BRIC) and the downtown location of the School of Social Work.

    Sic ’em, Baylor Stadium Founders, for helping lead the way in bringing football back to campus!