• The Year of the Bear and a ‘magic’ class ring

    We all know that a tremendous amount of work from hundreds of student-athletes, coaches and others (and the support of Baylor Nation) went into creating the success that made the past 12 months “the Year of the Bear.” But was there something more involved?

    Consider this note we received from Carl Rambo, Baylor class of 1949:

    “Leaving the Baylor campus and Waco behind [after graduation], I rode home to an unknown future, but had my Class of 1949 ring glowing brightly on the fourth finger of my left hand, and it felt great. That ring stayed on my finger for six more years. However, marriage came and my wife thought that one of her jobs was to prepare a breakfast of biscuits, eggs and bacon or sausage every morning, and of course being a gentleman, I did not discourage her. 

    Class of 1949 Baylor ring

    “One year later, I had put on a hefty 20 pounds and could no longer comfortably wear my class ring. With lots of slick soap and effort I got the ring off and put it in with Lorene’s faux jewelry, and there it lay forgotten until the fall of 2011. I took it and a silver turquoise ring to a jewelry to resize.

    “In November the rings were ready, and I put on my Baylor Class of ’49 ring. That act coincided with a series of events regarding Baylor sports: The Bears won all the rest of their football games and capped it with a bowl victory; the men’s basketball team started the season 17-0 and ended it by playing in the Elite Eight; the women’s basketball team went 40-0 (a national record) and are the NCAA national champions; RG3 was selected as the 2011 Heisman Trophy winner; Brittney Griner was chosen as women’s basketball player of the year; and the baseball team went as far as the Super Regional.

    “I am convinced that the 1949 Baylor class ring being worn on my fourth finger is truly a magic ring. I’m hoping for the same results in 2012-13.”

    All I can say is, keep your ring on, Carl!

    Sic ’em, Bears!

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