• Armstrong Browning Library named one of the 50 most beautiful college libraries in the world

    Baylor University's Armstrong Browning Library

    Baylor’s Armstrong Browning Library is often referred to as one of Baylor’s hidden jewels. “Hidden,” because it’s not necessarily a spot most undergraduates have reason to visit, and “jewels,” because of its value to campus — both from its collection of materials related to the famed Browning poets and for its exquisite beauty.

    [PHOTO GALLERY: Baylor University’s Armstrong Browning Library]

    However, it may be time to stop describing it as “hidden.” I’ve recently come across two different rankings that include Armstrong Browning among the 50 most beautiful college libraries in the world (see here and here). The building’s stained glass windows, marble columns and intricate ceiling designs give Armstrong Browning a quiet but stunning elegance — and make it one of Baylor’s most popular campus wedding locations

    Sic ’em, Armstrong Browning Library!