• Student’s moment of kindness leaves lasting effect on rival school’s alum

    Collins HallWe cover Move-In Day every year, usually based on the introduction it provides to Baylor for new students and their parents. But the actions of Baylor students — be they coordinated efforts like Move-In, or random acts of kindness from an individual — can also have a lasting impact on those outside the Baylor family. Take the story below, for example, from 1982 Baylor grad Stephen Hudson.

    “In addition to moving in my son to Martin, I was part of a ‘family’ of people who moved in a young lady to Collins. The background is that this young lady’s parents just moved to Washington state, and in addition to dealing with the move, there is a serious illness in the family that they are dealing with, which meant that they couldn’t be a part of getting her to Baylor. So the principal of our school, the principal’s secretary, and I, her mentor teacher and proud Baylor alum, adopted her as our daughter and we moved her into Baylor. … [After everyone arrived and she got moved in], there was the necessary trip to Wal-Mart and Target to get whatever it took to make her dorm a home.

    “But the next part of the story is what really makes me Baylor Proud: My boss, you need to understand, is a UT graduate with Aggie children; she has really not had any contact with Baylor except through me. When the three ladies returned to campus from their shopping trip, they all had many bags to carry from the parking garage to the front door of Collins. When they arrived at the door, it was, of course, locked because it was after dark. Just as our New Bear was pulling out her card to swipe, a female Baylor jogger came up and tried to open the door for them. When she realized that it was locked and saw the ID card, she gently took it from our Bear’s hand, swiped the door, opened it, gave the card back, held the door open until everyone was in, and then continued her jog, without ever speaking a word.

    “My boss was blown away and couldn’t wait to tell me about it the next day when I saw her back at school. That image of the selfless jogger is indelibly etched in her memory as her lasting impression of Baylor. No fanfare, no seeking for any glory, just service. As I explained to her, ‘See a need, fill a need.’ The next day, at our school-wide convocation, she mentioned Baylor again in the context of this young jogger.

    “I am Baylor Proud of our amazing students who, without knowing it, have exemplified service beyond self without even knowing it!”

    Sic ’em, Baylor students!

    [We learned of this story from a Bear who shared his Baylor pride. Do you know of an inspiring story, news item, or just a fun link that makes you proud of Baylor and the Baylor family? Let us know! Click here to submit your point of pride!]

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