• Homecoming deluge leads to showing of the Baylor family’s character

    Homecoming rain

    Sometimes it’s tough to explain to those not acquainted with Baylor just why we’re so proud of our university and exactly how it’s different from other major schools. While the rest of us were experiencing the thrills of watching Baylor football becoming bowl-eligible at Homecoming, one Baylor mom had a different — but equally positive — experience at Floyd Casey Stadium. I think her story reflects the Baylor family’s distinct character.

    “I’m a single mom of eighteen years and have identical twin daughters; Natalie is a senior at Baylor, and Emily is a senior at West Point. Natalie and I arrived an hour early in anticipation for [Baylor’s Homecoming] game and subsequently got to know the people sitting around us…

    “As fate would have it (or God’s master plan), the storm blew in … Once underneath, talking to two Baylor moms all the way from California and a Baylor alumnus from El Campo in a fashion similar to a family reunion, discussion turned to the economy, unemployment, etc. I reluctantly disclosed that as of two weeks ago, I was now among the millions unemployed. It was at this time that these new-found brothers and sisters in Christ began to hold hands and one by one pray for me, my twins, God’s provision for our needs, that God would bless me with a better job than before, etc.  I was deeply moved and recall feeling such pride that my daughter and I were part of this wonderful institution, something bigger than all of us, something that I don’t ever want to take for granted.

    “What to others may have been a miserable unfolding of events was for me the best football game ever! In the midst of the storm, God not only provided us shelter but showed his smiling face down on us and this testimony I just had to share. Thank you to my friends, whom I didn’t even get to know your name. And thank you God, for again showing me you are ALWAYS faithful to your children.”

    Sic ’em, Baylor family!

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