• How did your Baylor pride begin?

    As members of the class of 2014 (and 11,000 or so returning students) begin classes for the fall today, I started thinking about how my Baylor pride all started as a freshman about 15 years ago.

    It all began with the relationships I made. My first friends at Baylor were my potluck roommate, two guys from my Welcome Week group and one of their roommates. Eight years later, those guys were the groomsmen in my wedding, and we still e-mail one another almost daily. I also met my wife here, and together we hope that our son will follow us to Baylor in the fall of 2027. (Mental note: Start working on his “Sic ’em, Bears!” now, like this little girl.)

    Baylor really is a caring community. I always felt that if I needed any help in a class, my professors were not only available but willing to work me with me until I understood the concept. Friends and classmates challenged and strengthened my faith daily in my Christian walk.

    I also found opportunities to get involved in areas where my interests and skills intersected, from clubs to internships. I actually met my wife through a church college group, and I stumbled my way into a career path that began with my work study job on campus. And of course, the education I received in the classroom prepared me to move ahead in my career after graduation.

    To the class of 2014 (and all Baylor students, really): I hope you find the same community, faith foundation, opportunities and excellent education that I found as a student at BU. Don’t wait for it to come to you; get involved, reach out to those around you, and approach your time here for what it is — an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime chance to grow into who you will be as an adult.

    Sic ’em, Bears!

    [To the alumni reading this: What’s your story? Did you have a similar experience at Baylor? What was it that formed and cemented your Baylor pride! Share it with us through the “Submit Your Point of Pride” form!]

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