• Want to get involved, Baylor family? More on BU and the Big 12 Conference

    Baylor crowdSince the last Baylor Proud e-mail went out over the weekend explaining the state of the Big 12 Conference and the importance of keeping the Texas schools of the Big 12 together in any future conference expansion or realignment, many members of the Baylor family have written to ask two questions: “What’s the latest information?” and “How can I help?”

    I’ve been able to answer the first question quite simply; for the latest information on Baylor and the Big 12, visit (and then bookmark) www.baylor.edu/nation. There you’ll find the latest news and statements from Baylor officials as well as points of pride you can share with others about Baylor’s many successes, on and off the field.

    The second question speaks so much to what we cherish about the Baylor family — the deep commitment we all have to get behind the green and gold and to support Baylor enthusiastically whenever we can and whenever we’re needed. I’m proud to have learned that many in the Baylor family are rising up at this important time to make their voices heard on this issue and to make sure Baylor’s best interests — and the best interests of Texas — are preserved and protected.

    So, how can you help? Do what others are doing; talk up all that Baylor has to offer the state of Texas and the Big 12. Spread the good news about Baylor to your friends. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper (see President Ken Starr’s editorial here that ran in the Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle and Waco Tribune-Herald). Given the role the Texas Legislature may play, contact your elected representatives in the state government (find yours here) and tell them to defend the Big 12 and keep the Texas institutions of the Big 12 whole.

    I just read where this fall will mark the 100th football game between Baylor and Texas, dating back to 1901. The Bears have faced the Texas A&M Aggies 106 times since 1899. These are traditions that deserve to be honored and maintained.

    Houston Chronicle columnist Richard Justice summed up Baylor’s approach well in an editorial on Wednesday: “Baylor has come too far and has too much to offer. Baylor deserves to be rewarded, not punished. In some ways, Baylor is a bright and shining light for what college sports ought to be about.”

    Sic ’em, Baylor family!

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