• New Virtual Career Network helps Baylor grads build connections

    Baylor's Virtual Career Network screenshotOver the years, I’ve come to understand the value of connections, particularly within the Baylor family. A few years back when I was looking for a new job, I found out just how handy my friends and acquaintances could be in landing an interview (and eventually being hired) for the job I wanted. It used to be that making such connections took months or years; now, networking can be done far more quickly — and all in one place.

    Baylor recently launched the Virtual Career Network, which enables alumni to navigate thousands of job opportunities or post open positions and promote their companies to other Baylor grads — and that’s only the beginning. This online resource also has tools for professionals in every stage of their career, including webinars and other job-hunting aids.

    One fun part of the site is the series of testimonials from Bears across the generations, who share their stories of how networking within the Baylor community helped them get started or advance in their careers. (Do you have a story to share? Click here to pass it along.)

    I’m so thankful my connections within the Baylor family helped me land the job I wanted; now I’m glad to see that the Virtual Career Network makes that easier than ever for every Baylor Bear!

    Sic ’em, Baylor family!

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