• KWBU-FM program shares Treasures of the Texas Collection

    Like the Armstrong Browning Library, the Texas Collection is one of the jewels of Baylor’s campus that is easy to miss during a student’s four years here. Unless a particular research project takes one into the former Carroll Library, most Bears have little reason to venture inside.

    A new KWBU-FM program aims to help change that, sharing bits of the Texas Collection’s offerings via a 30-minute radio weekly program. “Treasures of the Texas Collection” host Dr. Mary Landon Darden, MSED ’91, EDD ’06, interviews writers and others who share stories from Baylor, Waco and Texas history; recent program subjects include the Waco tornado, Baylor President and Texas Governor Pat Neff, and the city of Independence, Texas.

    “Treasures of the Texas Collection” airs Saturday afternoons and Sunday evenings on KWBU-FM and is also available for free download from Baylor’s iTunes U site. The program is just one of many Baylor-produced programs for Waco’s National Public Radio affiliate. Others include the Baylor Business Review and Word Wise (from Baylor’s College of Arts and Sciences); both are also available as podcasts from iTunes U.

    Sic ’em, Baylor broadcasters!