• Kudos to all who make Line Camp possible

    Baylor Magazine Fall '09Every year when I hear about Baylor Line Camp, I feel a little bit jealous that I didn’t get to experience it as a student. But more than anything, I’m excited that today’s students do get this kind of a welcome to Baylor. Jason Lambert, a freshman from Louisiana, wrote in encouraging us to be proud of those who put on Line Camp:

    “I think that the Line Camp leaders need some major kudos. They work extremely hard to make sure we freshmen are introduced appropriately to Baylor, and they make it sooooo much fun. I know it was because of their guidance this summer that I came to love Baylor, and I’ve made some amazing friends that will last a lifetime. They do this because they want to make a difference in the Baylor community for now and for the future. They are truly amazing people, and Baylor should be proud of every single one of them!”

    We are proud! Jason’s letter reiterated what I thought while reading the cover story on Line Camp in the new issue of Baylor Magazine (hitting homes this week). The writer — like me, a Baylor grad who began here before Line Camp started — tagged along through a Line Camp session. His conclusion? “I’ve never been more grateful to be part of the Baylor family.” Reading his experiences, particularly on the trip to Baylor’s birthplace in Independence, Texas, was very powerful. (See photos from Line Camp 2009 here.)

    (Speaking of the new Baylor Mag… The bookstore catalog inside is a helpful insert for fans outside Waco seeking Baylor gear! The catalog is also online here.)

    Sic ’em, everyone who makes Line Camp possible!