• Incoming freshman turns injury to inspiration

    CheerleadingAn injury ended Alexandra Crowder’s cheerleading career the summer before her senior year at Hart High School in Santa Clarita, Calif. But rather than let that ruin her last year of high school, Alexandra turned it into a positive, putting her skills to use by starting a cheerleading squad at the local Boys and Girls Club.

    There, she coached a group of girls on not only the basics of cheerleading, but also the importance of things like exercise, teamwork and leadership. In just a semester, she saw dramatic improvement in every area, culminating in a December performance for the parents to show off just how much they’d learned in a few short months.

    Alexandra will begin her Baylor career in just a couple of weeks. She says she was drawn to Baylor by the excellent things she heard about the University’s pre-med program, as well as the friendly nature and enthusiasm she saw in people she met on a visit here. Welcome, Alexandra; we’re so proud to have people like you as a part of the Baylor family, and can’t wait to see what you accomplish here at Baylor and beyond!

    Sic ’em, incoming freshmen!

    [We learned of this story from a Bear who shared her Baylor pride. Do you have a news item, story or just a fun link that makes you proud of Baylor and the Baylor family? Let us know! Click on the “Submit Your Point of Pride” button in the top right corner.]

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