• Passionate supporter of Baylor faculty passes at 79

    Dr. Faber and Roxanna McMullenI was sorry to hear yesterday of the passing of Dr. Faber McMullen, a longtime Baylor supporter who, along with his wife Roxanna, made the McMullen-Connally Faculty Center possible just last year.

    I got to meet Dr. McMullen (BS ’53, MD ’56) at the Faculty Center’s dedication last year, and he was quite an interesting man. Despite being surrounded by dozens of friends and well-wishers, he took time to speak with me for at least 15 minutes. That conversation covered a variety of topics, from politics to his career, but always came back to his love for Baylor, and his thankfulness for the professors — people like Dr. Robert B. Alexander, Dr. Cornelia Marschall Smith, Dr. John Haley and Dr. Joseph Gast — who had helped launch him into his medical career.

    Dr. McMullen and his wife wanted to give back to Baylor in honor of such professors, and decided that the creation of a new faculty center was the best way for them to do that. Coincidentally, I had my first opportunity to dine in the McMullen-Connally Faculty Center yesterday, and it was quite a treat — a definite blessing for Baylor’s faculty and staff!

    Sic ’em, Dr. and Mrs. McMullen, for so graciously supporting Baylor University!

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