• Foundation celebrates half a century of bringing Baylor and Waco together

    Baylor/Waco Foundation50 years is a long time. A half century ago, man had not yet walked on the moon, and color television was just starting to make its mark. Hawaii was about to become the 50th state, and Ben-Hur was sweeping the Academy Awards.

    All that, just to give you some context as to where things stood when the Baylor/Waco Foundation was launched in 1959. It is now celebrating 50 years of partnership between the city of Waco and Baylor University; during that time, funds raised by the Foundation have (for example) helped purchase land to expand campus, added lights at then-Ferrell Field, and helped with the renovation of facilities ranging from the Bear Habitat to Waco Hall.

    The Baylor/Waco Foundation continues to raise funds to support projects that benefit both Baylor and the Waco community; this year’s list of projects includes the Mayborn Museum Complex, the Baylor Addictions Research Consortium and distributing the Baylor Women’s Choir CD of lullabyes. (Click here to learn about or support any of the Foundation’s projects.)

    Sic ’em, Baylor/Waco Foundation, for bringing the community and the university together for half a century!