• Students addressing local and global poverty issues with fervor

    Baylor Magazine - Summer 2009Over the past year, I’d heard some buzz around campus about the incredible amount of student involvement in organizations dedicated to addressing the issue of poverty, both locally and globally. But I had no idea just how many groups around Waco are dedicated to tackling the issue until I saw this story and the related sidebars in the latest issue of Baylor Magazine (hitting homes this week).

    We’ve covered some of the groups here before: the ONE Campaign, Dr. Walter Bradley’s coconut projects, and of course Steppin’ Out. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg; there’s also Campus Kitchen, Open Table, the Global Poverty Engaged Learning Group (ELG), plus community organizations that include many Baylor students as volunteers, groups like Mission Waco and the Texas Hunger Initiative. Frankly, even that list doesn’t do the article (or the movement on campus justice); you really should read it for yourself.

    Multiple faculty members told the magazine that they have never before seen an energy like this on Baylor’s campus towards such an issue. It’s so encouraging to see so many students working so hard in so many different ways to help those in need!

    Sic ’em, Baylor students!

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