• The dirt, the rocks, those crazy aftershocks

    tx-earthquake-may09Our neighbors to the north in the Dallas area were rattled by a 3.3-magnitude earthquake Saturday morning. While Texas isn’t exactly in the same league as California when it comes to quakes, it does have its share of seismic activity.

    Baylor scientists are working with scientists from across the country to map the United States’ seismic activity as part of the largest geoscience project ever funded by the federal government. As part of EarthScope, Baylor teams have found sites for 21 seismographs across Central Texas and installed a 70-station network along the Rio Grande Rift.

    In addition to helping generate more data for the number crunchers studying North American seismic activity, Baylor’s involvement will also provide excellent research opportunities for Baylor students — a win-win for everyone!

    Sic ’em, seismologists!

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